Thursday 20 June 2019

Liquigas introduces new and easier seals on its gas cylinders

Liquigas Malta is introducing new seals on all its gas cylinders as from Monday 5th May 2014 offering a simpler and more convenient system for consumers to take off the seal before use and to help customers to distinguish between genuine and fake seals. This is part of Liquigas ongoing commitment to ensure safety, quality and best service to its customers in Malta.

During the month of May, the gas distributors will have cylinders with either new and old seals available but as from 1st June 2014, all Liquigas cylinders will carry the new seal.

“Our customers will now be able to remove the seal from the cylinder valve in a more convenient manner and without any difficulty. Liquigas has also uploaded a short video showing the removal of the new seal from Liquigas cylinders. Customers can view this video at,” explained Liquigas Malta Chief Executive Officer Roberto Capelluto.

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