Friday 29 September 2023

Sunday Opinion

Has ‘foreigner’ become a derogatory term?

September 25, 2023 | No comments

Language is a very fascinating tool and our use of certain words can take on new connotations all the time.

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“Speak to someone, they will arrange it for you”

September 19, 2023 | No comments

Picture this…you are caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare to claim what you believe is something you are entitled to and should be rightfully given to you. Months after months pass and you are stuck, getting nowhere.

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How do you solve the problem of job vacancies?

September 12, 2023 | No comments

We seem to be going round in a vicious circle when it comes to the issue of the labour market.

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So many ruined lives…all for the love of money

September 6, 2023 | No comments

When one works in journalism it is always with a sense of trepidation that one day there will be a story which will hit too close to home.

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People are willing to spend money on concerts and festivals – just don’t rip them off

August 29, 2023 | No comments

Although I didn’t go myself, it is clear from social media that the Robbie Williams concert was a resounding success – as a born entertainer, he gave an incredible show, connected with the audience and made two people picked out from the audience, ecstatically happy.

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A one-man civic education campaign

August 21, 2023 | No comments

I have been following Arnold Cassola’s posts for a long time; he has always been relentless in his watchdog approach to calling out what is wrong with the country, whether it is political scandals and corrupt practices, to more mundane topics.

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A disgruntled nation and a smug administration

August 14, 2023 | No comments

In trying to come up with a way to describe the current public mood, I started off with “angry”. Yes, many people are very angry at the state of the nation and it is palpable.

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Over-population and the dangers of quoting unreliable sources

August 8, 2023 | No comments

Over the last few weeks, every time someone mentioned over-population I kept seeing the same bizarre numbers being thrown around:

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If this is not a wake up call, I don’t know what is

August 1, 2023 | No comments

If you have been following global events, it is clear that climate change is real and blistering heatwaves caused by global warming are here to stay.

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When a Prime Minister fails to “read the room”

July 17, 2023 | No comments

A grieving mother is asking for a public inquiry to be held about the tragic death of her son at a construction site.

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