Tuesday 23 July 2024

Why this is no joking matter

The photo which appears above was posted on Bay Radio’s Facebook page (without the caption) asking people to supply their own caption.

After several people (including myself) pointed out that it was not funny, but was simply promoting hatred and violence towards women, Bay Radio to their credit, took down the photo almost immediately.

I am sure that the person who thought it would be funny did not realise how such images can be perceived, especially by women.  I would like to think that the person who posted it, did not think it through. I’m hoping that this person (who I’m pretty sure must be a man) does not think pushing a girl forcefully in the face is OK.

When you have girlfriends and wives having to put up with such abusive behaviour from their “men” on a daily basis, then no, this is nothing to joke about.

On the other hand, if some awareness about domestic violence has been created out of this powerful image, maybe Bay Radio has (unwittingly) carried out a good service after all.


Kevin Decesare owner of Bay Radio has messaged and phoned me to explain that no offence to women was meant by that photo. As I pointed out earlier it was removed immediately, and for that quick response I think the company deserves to be commended. Well done again.

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