Wednesday 20 June 2018

APS Bank entrusts GO with boosting its communications infrastructure

An agreement that has been recently signed between APS Bank and communications services provider GO will see the Bank and its customers benefit from an enhanced fibre network. Besides enabling the Bank to optimise its services, the new network will also deliver improved connectivity services for employees, both those situated at its Head Office in Swatar and those forming part of its branch network. The agreement is part of the Bank’s plans to strengthen its architecture leading to improved customer experience, communication and networking efficiency.

APS Bank entrusts GO with boosting its communications infrastructure - 2 - 0945

APS Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Marcel Cassar, said: “This agreement will enable the Bank to improve its technology infrastructure and communication services. Having a more resilient network and enhanced capacity will enhance customer service and optimise the operational spend.”

GO’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Yiannos Michaelides, said: “Connectivity and speed are already essential for practically every business including of course financial services. With a super fast, reliable full fibre communications infrastructure, APS will be well placed to meet its operational and customer service objectives. GO is the only company in Malta which is able to deliver this level of fibre connectivity, an essential tool not just to meet today’s communications demands but also to enable businesses to future proof their networks.”

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