Sunday 05 April 2020

Team building event for the employees of GasanMamo Insurance

Team work and team building are crucial in any working company to make the organization a better place to work. It goes a long way in cultivating professional relations, understanding and collaboration, and undeniably this is replicated in the quality of work being done. GasanMamo Insurance firmly believes that team building contributes towards staff members being more motivated, confident and trustworthy, resulting in an increase in productivity and efficiency.
In this regard, the social activity group of GasanMamo Insurance recently organised a laser tag event; this outdoor game has no physical contact between players and the equipment used for this game are laser guns and targets worn by the respective players. Around 45 staff members from GasanMamo participated in this outdoor event, resulting in a fun day away from the office in a playful environment. No doubt this event was a good example of team building with the aim of improving communication between employees.

Team building event for the employees at GasanMamo Insurance 1

Commenting following this event, Vanessa Portelli, General Manager at GasanMamo said “This type of game covers four crucial team building activities being: problem solving, operative communication, adaptability and team trust hence laser tag improves productivity by recognising the strengths and weaknesses of team members. I believe that through such events, we get to know each other better and improve the working environment.”
Obviously, the technology implied in this game helped to provide a safe and exciting team building environment without any pain and since this was not paintball, one wasn’t worried about injuries of fast flying paintballs.

Team building event for the employees at GasanMamo Insurance 2
“At GasanMamo we believe that employees are part of the assets of our organization and the company’s success is directly proportional to the hard work every employee puts in. When organising these events, we’ve noticed how team building activities bring employees closer and one feels happy to go to work daily, appreciating their work and feel fresh the entire day,” said Julian Mamo, Managing Director.

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