Tuesday 23 July 2024

The importance of protecting your home against the unexpected

The mega storm that hit Malta over the past days caused major damage in various parts of the islands. According to various reports, the trail of destruction of Sunday’s storm, is likely to cost several millions of euros in damages. As anticipated, GasanMamo Insurance had a considerable number of claims by those whose property suffered damage. 

No doubt, that the strong winds and heavy rain, coupled with the rough seas, which were experienced at the end of last week, brought to light once more the importance of having home insurance, as potential damage to one’s home can disrupt financial plans, leaving one devastated. We all know that a massive storm can damage or destroy your buildings and contents, leaving you with a potentially hefty bill and in a very traumatic state. Theft can deprive you of your most valued possessions, including items of sentimental value, leaving feeling angry and helpless. Home insurance alleviates the pain and frustration during these difficult moments by offering peace of mind that the financial impact is reduced, and you find support at a time where help is most needed.

“Under a Home Insurance Policy, you can insure several selected personal possessions such as jewellery and electronics on an All Risks basis. This is the widest cover available and covers your possessions for accidental loss or damage anywhere around the Maltese Islands Policies are also extended overseas in the event of a short holiday or business trips,” said Julian J. Mamo, GasanMamo’s Managing Director.

A Home Insurance policy is a package policy providing a comprehensive cover. It includes a cover for loss or damage following fire, explosion, lightning, thunderbolt, earthquake, theft, riot, civil commotion, vandalism and acts of malicious persons, storm or flood. It also covers for accidental damage to both buildings and contents and covers your legal liability towards third parties as the owner/occupier of your buildings. Furthermore, Home Insurance will provide you with the protection and peace of mind you require to safeguard what is most likely your largest single investment – your home.

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