Tuesday 23 July 2024

MGDF fully supports e-scooter ban

The Malta Guide Dogs Foundation (MGDF) has long been advocating for the ban of e-scooters and fully supports the Transport Ministry’s decision to ban rental e-scooters from 1 March 2024.
“This is a positive initiative that increases the security of pedestrians, including visually impaired persons, both guide dog handlers and white cane users,” Joseph Stafrace, Chairman of the MGDF said.
These visually impaired persons are at risk because of the carelessness and lack of discipline of the hundreds of e-scooter users. Apart from parking indiscriminately, these users travel on pavements and, since their scooters are practically silent, there is no warning that they are approaching vulnerable persons.
“Since the MGDF trains both guide dog handlers and white cane users, e-scooter users are damaging its valuable work through these actions,” Mr Stafrace affirmed.

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