Saturday 02 December 2023

Transport Malta’s Vehicle Inspection Unit Conducts Successful Spot Check

Earlier this week, Transport Malta’s Vehicle Inspection Unit conducted a spot check in Naxxar, resulting in the inspection of 14 vehicles. During the check, 54 contraventions were issued, and plates from two vehicles were confiscated. Notably, a truck was weighed on the road and then escorted away to reduce its weight to comply with regulations.

Transport Malta’s CEO, Mr. Jonathan Borg stated that these spot checks are crucial for ensuring road safety and compliance with regulations. He also emphasized the importance of regular vehicle inspections to prevent accidents and maintain the integrity of Malta’s road network. The Vehicle Inspection Unit will continue to conduct these spot checks to uphold the standards of vehicle safety and compliance.

These spot checks not only serve to enforce regulations but also to educate and raise awareness among vehicle owners and drivers. By conducting these checks, Transport Malta aims to create a culture of responsibility and accountability within the community. The success of today’s spot check demonstrates the commitment of Transport Malta to prioritize road safety and uphold the standards of vehicle compliance.

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