Tuesday 14 July 2020

Malta BNI visitors day this Wednesday 17 June

BNI® (Business Network International) is celebrating its Members’ success in generating over $1 billion of new business in April alone. As the world’s leading networking organization, BNI creates billions of euros of opportunity for its Members each year to keep their businesses strong and growing.

To celebrate the amount of business generated in BNI, the organization is hosting Worldwide Visitor Week June 14th-20th and inviting growth-oriented businesses to join one of its BNI Online™ meetings, compliments of BNI. 

In Malta, this online meeting will be held this coming Wednesday, June 17. All one has to do is to send an email to [email protected] and the person will receive a url to join the meeting via zoom – free of charge. Meeting starts at 7am and last about 50 minutes but one is recommended to allow more time to meet others in virtual meeting rooms.

BNI will also be showcasing its contemporary refreshed brand design with a dynamic new red BNI logo and multiple design elements that symbolize BNI Member growth. Visitors will also learn about the tools, training, and technology available to BNI Members that come with their membership at no extra cost.

“While many businesses have come to a complete stop, BNI Members around the world are helping each other. Without a doubt, every business out there should visit a BNI Online™ meeting during Worldwide Visitors Week,” says Graham Weihmiller, BNI Chairman and CEO. “When businesses join the BNI network, they’re instantly surrounded by a supportive and energetic group of like-minded businesses who are there to help every BNI business grow in any environment.”

Year to date, BNI Members have generated more than $6 billion in business and passed nearly 5 million business referrals. BNI is currently holding meetings online with its BNI Online™ platform, so it’s easy to experience BNI from the convenience of one’s home or office. 

As the world’s largest and most successful business networking organization in the world, BNI has over 270,000 Members who attend one of over 9,500 weekly chapter meetings in more than 70 countries around the globe. 

BNI’s proven business networking platform provides its Members the ideal environment, technology, training, and support to help them build strong businesses. Malta BNI has been established in 2012 and today it has five active chapters.  

To see the new look and learn more about BNI, go to www.bni.com  

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