Wednesday 06 December 2023

Annual psychiatry conference to focus on mental health and the environment

The Maltese Association of Psychiatry is proud to present its annual conference between 28 – 29 November at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. This year’s chosen theme is Mental Health and the Environment.

Look around us – climate change, noisy and dirty roads, dusty air and polluted sea. Young people are calling us to action to effect change and everyone is increasingly aware of the effect our surroundings have on us. This can even be felt within the work environment, including practicing in crowded wards, or run-down clinics. From natural disasters, toxic waste, lack of green spaces, urban living, to traffic, light and sound pollution: the association would like to explore the evidence of the relationship (harmful or beneficial) between environmental factors and mental health.

Through a community of academics, professionals, activists and experts by experience, it hopes to enrich minds with information, create awareness and call to action policy makers to invest in prevention strategies and work towards achieving optimal mental health for all..

This conference is aimed at anyone interested in the environment and its effect on us including but not exclusive to:

• Mental health professionals and health professionals in all specialties
• Social health professionals
• Environmental scientists
• Architects
• Educators
• Members of the general public interested in the topic

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