Monday 23 May 2022

MBA issues clarifications regarding wearing of face masks within bank branches

The Malta Bankers’ Association (MBA) informs the general public that after discussions with the Superintendence of Public Health, it is issuing the following clarifications about the wearing of face masks within the premises of a bank, including branches. 

Members of the public wearing face masks are required to remove them temporarily within the premises of a bank branch, for at least two reasons, both for security purposes. 

The first is to ensure that the CCTV systems employed by banks appropriately identify all customers. The second reason arises from the request made by a bank teller/official to identify any person requesting a bank service, whether encashment of cheques or any other service, by comparing the I.D. card/Passport with the actual visage of the person. 

It is to be pointed out that such measures have always been in place, especially in relation to any headgear worn by persons when entering bank branches.

The MBA makes reference to the infographic entitled “Visiting Banks” which was issued recently by the Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Directorate that recommends the use of a visor (face shield) when visiting a bank branch. The MBA agrees that this alternative measure should allay concerns both from a health and security perspective.

In conclusion, the MBA reminds the general public that apart from the services provided at branches of its members, various alternative delivery channels are available as promoted on the websites of its members. 

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