Monday 06 July 2020

GWU signs second collective agreement with Gasco Energy

The General Workers’ Union signed a new collective agreement for the employees of Gasco Energy Ltd, the leading operator responsible for storage and bottling of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Malta. Through this collective agreement, the employees shall benefit from improved employment and salary conditions. This is the second agreement covering a three-year term between the GWU and Gasco Energy.

The GWU’s Secretary for Chemicals and Energy Section Rita Dimech said that the agreement shows the appreciation of the management for the commitment shown by the company’s employees. “During the last years, the employees have shown that they are capable of meeting the challenges and of turning such challenges into opportunities for the company.”

Gasco Energy CEO Paul Agius Delicata said that this collective agreement is based on the satisfactory working conditions already enjoyed by the company employees and will guarantee increase in salaries and other benefits over the next three years. He thanked Ms Dimech and the shopstewards for the cordial and successful manner in which the negotiations were conducted.

The collective agreement was signed GWU’s Secretary for Chemicals and Energy Section Rita Dimech and by Gasco Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Agius Delicata. Present for the signing were Shopsteward Salvinu Mizzi, Assistant Shopsteward Bernard Desira, Plant Manager Robert Bonavia, and the company’s Chief Financial Officer Stephen Muscat.

Set up in 2012, Gasco Energy is a joint venture between Multigas Ltd and Liquigas SpA Italia. The company currently employs 28 workers that operate the LPG facility at Benghajsa filling cylinders of Liquigas.

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