Tuesday 17 September 2019

LEAD Training Services hold 2015 certificate award ceremony

No fewer than 80 students attended and successfully completed a CPD Award qualification with LEAD Training Services during 2015, James Grech, Managing Director of LEAD Training Services, announced when addressing the 2015 certificate award ceremony, held at Xara Lodge, limits of Rabat, last month. These students attended four courses:

Certificate in Management and Leadership,
Award in HR and People Management,
Professional Certificate in Remote Gaming Business, and
Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism.

“All of these courses are very specific, some of them even unique to our islands,” Mr Grech said. “In designing these courses we always aim to ensure that whoever attends will get the best possible value from knowledge learnt, both academic and practical.”
LEAD Training Services lays great emphasis on the accreditation of its short courses with the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE), and Mr Grech singled out the commissions Head of Accreditation, Kenneth Camilleri, for being “an invaluable guide and assistant in our efforts to accredit all of our courses on offer”.
This route not only adds value to its students in terms of the specific credit value of the award, but also ensures that LEAD’s course offerings “are up to the best standard possible – this in terms of our tutors, course content, evaluation and even the course logistical arrangements”, Mr Grech added.
Looking ahead to 2016, apart from re-launching their most popular and in demand courses, they have launched brand new MQF Level 5 CPD Award courses, including:

Certificate in Business Intelligence,
Certificate in Payroll and Employment Administration,
Certificate in Regulatory Affairs and Policy,
Compliance in Financial Services and AMLRO Professional Certificate, and five different Microsoft Excel courses.

lead ceremony 2016

Other innovative courses awaiting accreditation are related to digital marketing, real estate management and their second remote gaming qualification focusing more on marketing and operations.
Mr Camilleri said LEAD Training Services is capitalising on the ECTS credit system via the NCFHE. On 19 February, NCFHE issued a new Referencing Report that further encouraged the accreditation of CPD Award courses.
He encouraged students to accumulate ECTS credits that would lead to the attainment of a full qualification.
A reception followed the certificate presentation ceremony.
For more information on the courses offered by LEAD Training Services visit  http://www.leadtraining.com.mt/

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