Tuesday 23 July 2024

Hospice Malta Raises €462,839 during its “Bl-Imħabba Tiegħek Naslu” Telethon

Hospice Malta, Malta’s leading provider of free palliative care services, successfully concluded its anticipated fundraising telethon, ‘Bl-Imħabba Tiegħek Naslu’, on the 9th July 2023. The event garnered overwhelming support from individuals, prominent figures, and organizations, resulting in a total of €462,839 raised.

The telethon was aimed at generating funds for the final stages of the St Michael Hospice project, which is soon nearing completion. This milestone development ensures that Hospice Malta will continue to deliver high-quality, cost-free palliative care services to thousands of patients and their families annually. Presently, the organization assists around 1,400 families, a number that continues to grow each year.

During the Telethon, Hospice Malta also organised guided tours of St Michael Hospice, giving the public the opportunity to see the sections of the facility that are now close to completion. The spacious complex will offer inpatient services and enhanced day therapy services, elevating Hospice Malta’s palliative community support.

Hospice Malta plays a vital role in providing support to patients battling various life-limiting illnesses, including cancer, motor-neuron disease, end-of-life respiratory, cardiac, renal, and liver diseases as well as Multiple Schlerosis and CJD.

Expressing her gratitude, Hospice Chairperson, Ms Bernadette Bonnici Kind, shared, “Every year, we wholeheartedly appeal to the public for their invaluable support. This year we will be realizing our dream of inaugurating St Michael Hospice together. Through this endeavour, we can continue offering comprehensive palliative care of the highest quality, to all families in need. We extend a sincere and profound thank you to all those who responded to our call by reaching out and supporting us through their contributions.”

As a non-governmental organization, Hospice Malta relies heavily on the generosity and contributions of the public to sustain its vital services. Donations can still be made through the official Hospice Malta website at: https://hospicemalta.org/supporting-hospice/donations/

For additional details, donations and inquiries, please visit www.hospicemalta.org.

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