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If only everyone who acts unethically were sacked just as quickly 

December 4, 2018 | No comments

My article today on Malta Today When a soldier was filmed using colourful language to mock a redundant gate erected […]

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Why this resentment against ‘the foreigner’ is completely misplaced

October 4, 2018 | No comments

This article first appeared in Malta Today I was at an establishment recently, and while I was waiting, simply to […]

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The psychology behind mass behaviour

May 8, 2018 | No comments

This article first appeared on Malta Today The sea of red which flocked to the Triton Fountain square on 1 […]

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Open season on women’s looks

October 13, 2017 | No comments

This article first appeared on Malta Today Michelle Muscat must be feeling somewhat relieved that some of the pressure has […]

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Xarabank: The paradox of the programme so many love to hate

February 17, 2017 | No comments

This article first appeared on Malta Today This week, Herman Grech from Times Talk interviewed Peppi Azzopardi, the creator and presenter […]

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Is everyone so touchy about their country, or is it just us?

January 23, 2017 | No comments

This article was first published in Malta Today I have been mulling over this topic for a while. It all […]

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