Wednesday 10 August 2022

Satisfying day for Malta Marathon athletes

The 31st edition of the Malta Marathon came to an end today after 4,350 participants from some 50 different countries challenged their strength to complete the route.
The winners of the full marathon are Elfelhi Abdelhakim (2 hrs 18 mins), Nasef Ahmed, and Mokraji Lahun. The first Maltese to make it to the finish line was Jonathan Balzan.
For the half marathon, the winners are Debono Charlton, Croitoru Liviu and Andrew Grech.
“As GSD Marketing Ltd, we were glad to give an extra boost to these athletes in their endurance test through our Powerade. Sports and an active lifestyle are responsibility pillars which GSD supports in our effort to promote a healthier lifestyle,” said General Manager Brian Galea.

In the photo: Nasef Ahmed.

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