Wednesday 28 February 2024

Padel courts now open for members at Marsa Sports Club

Pictured above: Chris Anastasi, Godwin Borg and Tennis Committee chairman Anthony Mifsud

The Marsa Sports club is proud to announce another new sport which has been added to its other facilities. Two new Padel courts have now been added to the grounds for members to enjoy, which will fall under the tennis section. They were officially opened on Friday with an exhibition match featuring Malta’s top Padel players. An Open Day on Saturday for members to try the sport for free also proved very successful and was received with great enthusiasm.  Another Open Day will be held next weekend while online bookings are already open for existing members.

This major project involved a lot of hard work and preparation, and was overseen by a task force made up the Tennis Section Committee Chairman Anthony Mifsud, as well as Chris Anastasi, Godwin Borg and Jevon Dimech. Special attention was paid to the floodlight levels and the court surface to ensure that they meet the standards of  the World Padel Tour.

Padel as a sport falls under the umbrella of the Malta Tennis Federation and the Marsa Padel intends to be affiliated with the MTF as it already is for tennis.

The head coach for Padel will be Duncan Stahl and coaching sessions can be booked through him by contacting him directly.

With a spectator stand that can host over 200 people, Marsa Padel intends to hold exhibition matches for members to enjoy watching top level players play their game. Team tournaments and socials will also be organised as they are for tennis. 

For more information on how to join the Marsa Sports Club please visit

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