Tuesday 23 July 2024

Atlas Insurance launches collaboration with swimmer and ocean activist Neil Agius

Atlas Insurance is delighted to announce a collaboration with renowned swimmer, ocean activist and world record holder Neil Agius. This collaboration will see Mr Agius featuring in a new Atlas brand campaign, whilst the company will be supporting Mr Agius in his upcoming events, as well as collaborating on other initiatives that will directly involve TeamAtlas.
This collaboration was announced to all staff at the Atlas Head Office by the company’s Managing Director and CEO Matthew von Brockdorff as well as Neil Agius himself. TeamAtlas members were given an exclusive preview of the new campaign. Mr Agius then toured the Atlas office with Mr von Brockdorff to meet TeamAtlas members.

36-year-old Neil Agius is a renowned swimmer and former Olympic athlete whose specialisation is long-distance freestyle events. Aside from participating in athletic and Olympic swimming events, Neil Agius became renowned for his ultra-long distance swims. In June 2021, he completed a massive and unprecedented swim between the Mediterranean island of Linosa and Xlendi Bay in Gozo – a distance of almost 126km in just over 52 hours – establishing a new world record for the longest continuous unassisted open water swim.
A year earlier, he became the second person in history to swim the across the Malta Channel – the sea between Sicily and Malta, arriving in Balluta Bay in St Julian’s in just over 28 hours, after setting off from Ragusa.
Aside from his mammoth swimming achievements, Mr Agius is also a prominent ocean activist and has used his endeavours in the open seas to highlight the problem of pollution and pollutants in the seas and oceans. These endeavours eventually formed the Wave of Change initiative, a movement of people taking action to bring about change by raising awareness on the impact of daily decisions and inspire choices that are driven by sustainability.
Atlas Insurance will be organising events for TeamAtlas members in line with Mr Agius’s initiatives related to sustainability, the drive against pollution as well as health and wellbeing.
Atlas Insurance CEO Matthew von Brockdorff commented: “This campaign is part of something bigger. Atlas is entering into a collaboration with Neil Agius, whose values really resonate with our own. We are really pleased to be supporting and working hand in hand with Neil over the coming year.”
Mr von Brockdorff added that the main message behind the new Atlas brand campaign is the importance of having a team of people who you can trust behind you: “Neil wouldn’t be able to achieve what he did without the support of his team, who are there for his training, early wake ups, as well as during the highs and the lows. Just like all of us at Atlas, we are there for our clients, ready to help and support, build genuine relationships and provide the excellent customer service which we are known for.”
Neil Agius added: “I’m very excited to have Atlas Insurance by my side through this journey. Upon meeting with Matthew and his team, I immediately felt that our core values are very aligned and I am looking forward to working closely with TeamAtlas in the coming year.”
Atlas customers as well as the general public are encouraged to follow the Atlas Insurance pages on social media to keep up to date on the collaboration between Atlas and Neil Agius, viewing the behind the scenes footage as well as to be aware of announcements of collaboration events in the coming months.

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