Friday 03 April 2020

Vodafone’s new brand campaign

Pictured Larissa Bonaci and Steffan Cheriet – the faces of Vodafone’s Brand Network campaign

Vodafone Malta has launched a new brand campaign that promotes the company’s network as the best on the Island.  With the slogan “Vodafone – The Best Network for your Smartphone” – the leading mobile telecoms company is promoting how the characteristics of its network puts Vodafone in the lead.

“Vodafone offers the best mobile internet experience, with the fastest speeds and extensive coverage both indoors and outdoors,” said Andrew De La Torre, Head of Technology at Vodafone Malta. “Vodafone are aggressively driving our ‘super mobile’ strategy in Malta, which specifically focuses on building the best capabilities to service smartphones and other mobile internet devices.  And this super mobile experience is not restricted to high-spend customers only.  Our network is designed to make super mobile available to all,” he emphasised. “We are proud to be the most consistent mobile service provider – backed by heavy investment to constantly improve our customer experience across the Islands and further enhance our proposition.”

Vodafone Malta’s ambition is to make the available technology accessible to all, with devices such as the Vodafone Smart Android starting from as little as €69 – a superior smartphone experience for a reasonable price.  For the more tech-savvy the latest HTC Sensation XL and popular tablets such as the iPad2 are very enticing and are proving popular across Vodafone’s network of shops.  “The rapid growth in smartphone related data traffic is impressive,” said Maria Vella Galea, Brand Manager at Vodafone Malta. “This forms the core of our efforts and operations.  We are hungry for innovation and we look towards maintaining what is already a trust-worthy and competitive network and service.”

Vodafone Malta provides high-speed international bandwidth from the Island over its very own submarine cable, with fully resilient paths also available via other third parties to ensure seamless connectivity for our traffic to and from anywhere around the world.

Vodafone’s new brand campaign features a television commercial that reflects one’s daily life.  On air on all Maltese TV stations, as well as on billboards and online, it highlights the strength of Vodafone’s network and how the smartphone experience enables consumers to communicate in different ways.  “We fight, we make-up, we say things we regret, then we’re apologetic and sad and we communicate all these emotions via the latest technology,” concluded Maria Vella Galea.


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