Sunday 04 December 2022

Transport Malta launches a new Transport Quarterly Publication

T21 – The Transport Malta Quarterly is a new Transport Malta publication which was launched today. The publication, which will be available for everyone to download as a soft version from the Authority’s official Website, will also be available for purchase in print format.

This initiative forms part of the TM 10th Anniversary commemorations and the publication follows a number of initiatives which were launched recently, including the setting up of the new Transport Foundation.

The scope of the publication is to bring Transport Malta closer to the public and to society at large, which includes the Authority’s stake holders. This publication is also a means of informing the public about the Authority’s latest initiatives, projects and policies as well as to provide useful information to the general public on a number of services which it offers.

This publication, which is the first of its kind for Transport Malta, will cover the latest news and information on initiatives taken by the Authority from time to time. It will cover each transport mode, namely: aviation, maritime transport and land transport.

In addition, it will also include content on related Transport Infrastructure, Sustainable Mobility, Intelligent Transport Systems, Enforcement, Logistics as well as Education and Services. The list of subjects goes on and on, especially in view of the horizontal issues that cut across transportation, which most of the time affect our way of life.

What makes this publication different from all other publications is the fact that it does not include any commercial advertising in it, meaning that all of its pages are strictly made up of articles, photography, and illustrations, wherever possible. Any form of advertising and marketing material included in this publication is that related to services given by the Authority, or, as part of a dissemination of information exercise targeting specific campaigns that the Authority carries out from time to time.

This publication will be part of the Authority’s arsenal to provide information to the public. Being part of its campaign to be closer to the public, further action will be taken to bolster its outreach over social media, print media and televised media, through on-going specific campaigns.

As far as content of this publication is concerned, in the first edition, one will find useful information on the latest initiatives taken by the Merchant Shipping Directorate, what one needs to do to operate a drone, a feature on the work that currently is being carried out by our Maritime Enforcement Unit and the Ports and Yachting Directorate, other recent initiatives that the Authority took during the last few weeks, like the launching of a new Foundation dedicated for Transport, and other features which I am sure many will find interesting. The first edition also includes contributions from the Hon Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Dr. Ian Borg, from the Chairperson and CEO of the Authority, Mr.

Joseph Bugeja, as well as from the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Mr. Kevin Farrugia.

The editor of the publication is Peter Paul Barbara, who is Director within the Office of the Chief Operations Officer and Deputy Chief Officer of the Authority. The publication is produced with the collaboration and assistance of the Authority’s Marketing Department.

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