Tuesday 23 July 2024

Reliable connectivity essential for top tourism company

The critical need for robust connectivity in the tourism industry has prompted Robert Arrigo and Sons, a leading player in the sector for more than four decades, to partner with Melita Business to further enhance its client offering.
As a leading destination management company, the demand for unfaltering mobile connectivity, both locally and abroad, drives the company’s need for a reliable telecommunications partner.
Alan Arrigo, Co-CEO of Arrigo, said: “Our choice for Melita Business was driven by their dependable connectivity, high-speed connections, and overall value. They have demonstrated a deep understanding of our unique business needs and provided us with solutions that cater specifically to those requirements.”
Robert Runza, Director of Business Development at Melita, said: “With Robert Arrigo and Sons’ vast array of services and a tailor-made B2B booking portal for tour operators and agencies, it’s clear that high uptime and steadfast internet connections are vital. Melita is proud to provide a mature, fully redundant network that addresses these needs and offers peace of mind.”
Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services, said: “With our nationwide gigabit fibre network, coupled with our 5G mobile network that spans Malta and offers roaming in the UK and all EU countries, we are uniquely positioned to cater to specialised client requirements, such as those of Robert Arrigo and Sons.”

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