Wednesday 28 February 2024

MeDirect Mastercard users to be rewarded when shopping online

MeDirect customers who use their Mastercard debit cards during November and December can benefit from €20 cashback each month. To benefit from the Mastercard Pay & Get Rewards Programme, customers need to make a total of at least 5 online transactions within a calendar month worth a total of €100 or more, or the equivalent if transactions are made in other currencies. Cashbacks will be given for each month in which all eligible physical and virtual cards meet the conditions of the promotion.

This exclusive opportunity provides MeDirect customers with a fantastic way to make their holiday season even more enjoyable. Whether shopping online, booking flights, or making every day online purchases, using the MeDirect Mastercard card can now bring an extra €20 cashback each month during the promotional period.

The MeDirect Mastercard debit card, offers the ability for customers to seamlessly use current accounts in different currencies such as Euro, US Dollars or British Sterling. This means customers can purchase items in those currencies without having to pay foreign exchange charges at the point of purchase. MeDirect customers also enjoy additional benefits such as free bank account transfers executed on the same day within the SEPA area and no commitment or management fees on their accounts.

The MeDirect Mastercard debit card, which is available for free, can be ordered and managed online through MeDirect’s online banking platform and mobile app. Customers can apply for both physical and virtual cards which can be used for in store and online purchases and to make cash withdrawals. The card can be used globally, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Ingrid Micallef, Head – Products & Marketing at MeDirect Malta, said, “Following the successful launch of our card services earlier this year, an increasing number of customers have been enjoying the freedom and benefits of using their MeDirect debit card. From 8th November until 31st December MeDirect has partnered with Mastercard so that customers can also benefit from a €20 cashback reward each month on the card they use to complete a minimum of 5 online purchases worth at least €100.”

Loukia Chorafa, Marketing & Communications Director for Greece, Cyprus & Malta at Mastercard, stated, “Our desire to continuously upgrade the shopping experience of our cardholders has been an integral part of Mastercard’s philosophy over the years. We are pleased to share that the Mastercard Pay & Get Rewards Programme enables us to provide consumers with even more privileges and benefits.”

More information on this promotion, including the full terms and conditions are available at

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