Tuesday 23 July 2024

Extended Deadline: Malta National Transport Awards 2023 Nominations Now Accepted Until
November 13th

Due to overwhelming interest, the submission deadline for the Malta National Transport Awards has been extended to November 13th, 2023. This extension allows more individuals and organisations to participate and be recognised for their outstanding contributions.

Transport is the lifeblood of any nation, connecting communities, driving economies, and fostering progress. In Malta, where transport plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of its residents, recognising and celebrating the tireless efforts and innovations within the industry is essential.

These awards are being organised by the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects together with Transport Malta.

Mr. Jonathan Borg, the CEO of Transport Malta, emphasised, “Transport is more than just the movement of people and goods; it is the cornerstone of progress. These awards stand as a beacon of appreciation for the remarkable contributions made by individuals, voluntary organisations, public entities and private companies, and inspire further innovation.”

Nominations are open for the following categories:

  1. Innovation: Recognising projects that have broken new ground, employed innovative technologies, or approached transport challenges in a unique way.
  2. Sustainability: Projects that have reduced the environmental impact of transport, such as the use of alternative fuels or freight practices that have lowered emissions, are acknowledged in this category.
  3. Modal Shift: Modal shift involves changing the way people travel, such as shifting towards cycling or alternative modes of transportation.
  4. Infrastructure: Recognising designs that demonstrate innovation, flexibility, and sustainability, which adds value to the transport sector.
  5. Safety: This category encompasses all aspects of road safety, traffic management, and enforcement, with a focus on results such as casualty reductions and improved journey reliability.
  6. Recognising and Honouring Excellence: The awards aim to shine a spotlight on outstanding individuals and organisations whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the transport industry.
  7. Showcasing Best Practices and Innovation: In an ever-evolving landscape, the transport sector benefits greatly from innovative solutions and best practices. The awards seek to showcase projects that have pushed the boundaries and set new standards.
  8. Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Collaboration is the cornerstone of progress. These awards provide a platform for transport professionals and stakeholders to come together, share ideas, and collectively drive the industry forward.
  9. Promoting Sustainable Transport: As the world grapples with environmental challenges sustainable and efficient transport systems are more critical than ever. The awards also aim to raise awareness about the importance of eco-friendly transport solutions.
    For more information about the Malta National Transport Awards and to submit your nominations,
    visit https://www.transport.
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