Tuesday 31 March 2020

Intimate Costa Coffee in Bay Street offering Seasonal fare

Costa Coffee’s latest outlet on Level 1 at the Bay Street Complex in St George’s Bay, St Julian’s, has an intimate feel that makes it stand out. With seating for 40, 18 indoors and 22 in the smoking area overlooking the Rotunda, you are guaranteed personalised attention.

The latest innovation is the introduction of Seasonal drinks, including festive flavours. The Praline Cappuccino and the Orange Hot Chocolate are added to the Gingerbread Cream Latte, White Hot Chocolate and Black Forest Hot Chocolate that Costa Coffee patrons are sure to look out for in the run-up to Christmas.

Also new on the menu are a Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich, a Coffee and Walnut Cake, cherry and almond muffins, a Honeycomb Crunch and mini mince pies with mixed spice from which 25c will be donated to l-Istrina.

According to a Costa Coffee spokesman, a big effort is being made this year to support the l-Istrina campaign. “We have installed l-Istrina piggy banks in all our outlets, including Bay Street, and intend to make a donation thanks also to our clients’ support.”

There are five sizes of festive cups for those who order take-out coffee: Santa for the large (Massimo); a reindeer for the Primo; a snowman for the Medio; and two Elfs for the Corto and the Espresso.

Costa Coffee have also launched the Christmas Cup Challenge in which clients can take photos having fun with one of these cups, share it by uploading it on the on-line gallery at www.costacoffee.com/festive, add artistic enhancements and win weekly prizes on Costa Coffee Malta’s Facebook page.

Mocha Italia is a coffee blend unique to Costa Coffee, which selects only the top 1% of coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms. The coffee is roasted in London using traditional Italian-style drum roasters so the beans are roasted in hot air. This is a slower, more costly process than flame roasting but guarantees better quality in line with Costa’s high standards.

Costa Coffee in Bay Street are proud sponsors of the Bay Street real ice rink. The Costa Coffee outlet in Bay Street is managed by Alexis Spagnol, who has been with the company for two years.

She affirmed that there is a cosy feel to the Malta Bay Street Café, which is always busy and over the weekends even busier, and has lots of foreigners who stop by. “We can guarantee a fast service and highly trained baristas who serve excellent coffee and are always smiling,” she said.

A Bay Street spokesman said: “We are committed to creating an exceptional customer experience, providing a one-stop destination for quality dining, shopping, hospitality, leisure, business and services. Our strength is derived from our passion to listen, innovate and deliver excellent customer care and property management to our business partners and guests so that we generate a value-driven experience for all our stakeholders.”

For more information telephone 2138 0600 or go to the Bay Street Facebook page www.facebook.com/baystreetmalta.

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