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Fifth edition of T-21: The Transport Malta Quarterly published

Being published at the end of the calendar year, this edition of T-21 focuses on the recap of another year of success in Malta’s transport industry. This year, the aviation and maritime industries both reached new heights and made great leaps forward, despite the apparent reality of the pandemic.

On another note, an element which is rightfully being highlighted in this issue is the annual Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign. Launched every year at the beginning of December, this campaign uses different methods and means to convey the message that must be reiterated throughout the festive season. The Malta Road Safety Council collaborates with Transport Malta every year, and this year, the local band The Travellers was also on board to produce this campaign. Their new release ‘Siġġu Vojt’ is a perfect tool to convey this message effectively, with heart-shattering lyrics and accompanying visuals. A few of the articles within this publication also take a deep dive into the making of the music video used for this year’s campaign as well as the related slogan, “Tħallix jum jgħaddi mimli dmugħ… Jekk se tixrob issuqx.”

Besides the Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign, Transport Malta’s annual Back to School campaign is presented in this edition. This year, the campaign promoted three particular services that the Authority offers to the public. One of these services is the updated Maltese Roads Traffic Updates app, a mobile application which displays the traffic situation at any given moment in order to facilitate road users who make the daily commute from their residence to their school or workplace. The second service is that of free towing provided on weekdays during rush hours, and the third promotes the direct bus routes going to different higher education institutions. More information regarding each of these three services may be found in this publication. Malta’s traffic control centre is also given a feature in this edition, and so are the incentives that were given through this year’s budget measures.

The Malta Metro Network proposal is also mentioned briefly in this publication, with the intention to keep the ongoing discussion very much alive and fruitful. The launch, presentation to the public, as well as presentation to the European Commission by Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Dr Ian Borg are discussed in detail in this edition. Sustainability and emissions produced by transport are other topics which are being discussed currently, and in this edition, readers may explore the sustainable system of the Controlled Vehicular Access (CVA), which gives limited access to cars in Valletta, so that we may preserve this city in terms of emissions and pollution that would otherwise be too great for such a city.

Moving on to the aviation sector, there is much to say about this thriving industry. Malta’s aviation sector has flourished over the past year, and this year we are also celebrating a decade of Maltese Aviation Jurisdiction. There are now over 600 craft bearing the 9H registration mark, which goes to show how

aviation in Malta goes beyond what the general public is aware of, with thriving sectors of aircraft registration and aircraft operator licensing. Aviation enthusiasts may find a lot more information regarding this industry in this publication. We have a brief history of the milestones that Malta hit within this sector, as well as what is the exact role of the Civil Aviation Directorate within Transport Malta, since Malta attracts aircraft of all sizes. A lot of steps and measures need to be taken into account before registering an aircraft in the 9H registry, and all of this is explored in further detail. The Malta Aviation Conference and Expo (MACE), this year titled ‘Rebooting the Industry’, hosted a number of local and international speakers who gave speeches regarding the sector.

The maritime industry also celebrated its own successes in 2021. This year we had the arrival of the M/V Global Mercy, a hospital ship registered in Malta which shall aid persons in Africa. This ship is exempt from all registration taxes since its primary mission is that of giving medical assistance. The kindness and generosity of the Maltese is therefore also reflected in the transportation industry. Those working in the maritime industry, particularly within the Maritime Enforcement unit, receive constant training, and this edition of T-21 was present during one of these sessions held at MCAST.

In the first nine months of 2021, the Malta flag registered a record increase of over 15% in the registration of superyachts over 24 metres, therefore making the Malta flag a leader in this sector. The number of superyachts registered in Malta is exponentially increasing every single year, showcasing the success of the Malta flag. This means that a lot of administrative work needs to be done, and it is high time that this process is digitalised. Therefore, the Seafarer Portal which will be launched soon, shall facilitate this process and make it more efficient.

With the increase of ships and yachts coming going, it is important that we keep our ports clean and pollution-free, and that is why the CALYPSO-POLEX 2021 harbour pollution response exercise was done in our Grand Harbour. On a more recreational note, this year, Malta hosted the 42nd edition of the Rolex Middle Sea race. More information on all aspects of the Maritime industry shall be found within this edition of T-21.

This fifth edition, as in previous editions, also includes contributions from the Hon. Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects – Dr Ian Borg, from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Transport Malta – Mr Joseph Bugeja and from the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Authority – Mr Kevin Farrugia.

The editor of the publication is Peter Paul Barbara, who is a Director within the Office of the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Transport Malta. The publication is produced with the collaboration and assistance of the Authority’s Marketing Unit.

The publication is available on the Transport Malta website.

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