Wednesday 06 December 2023

Dove empowers women to feel good in their own skin

Dove’s latest campaign, aimed at empowering girls and women to feel good in their own skin, has taken over Malta’s billboards and bus shelters in prominent areas around the island.

The #JienaSabieħaKifJien campaign was created to continue reinforcing Dove’s messaging on what ‘real beauty’ means. Believing that beauty is for everyone, the brand aims to redefine beauty standards and help everyone experience beauty and body image positively, from a young age.

“Through the #JienSabiħaKifJien campaign we want to help girls build positive self-esteem from a very young age. It’s only by changing how we see beauty, that we ensure the world they’re growing up in has realistic beauty standards,” said Anna Le Guennec, Unilever’s Brand Manager for Malta.

The campaign features women from different backgrounds and ages, celebrating the physical features that make them unique, and instilling the idea that there’s nothing wrong with not fitting the very rigid box set by the beauty industry.

“When you’ll see the campaign, whether on printed media or on your phone you won’t see the typical model we’re so used to in beauty magazines. We feature Josephine Aquilina, a 74-year-old grandmother of a young girl with Downs Syndrome; Vanessa Testa Attard, a vibrant energetic woman with neck tattoos and a buzzcut haircut; Sarah Buttigieg, a social media blogger who speaks and posts about body positivity and builds confidence for women and girls in her age group, and many more,” explained George Borg, Owner and Founder of George Borg Ltd.

The women participating in this campaign were encouraged to show up for the photoshoot in clothes that they felt confident and comfortable in. They were not required to do anything other than be truly and unapologetically themselves.

“It was a true honour for The Concept Stadium to work on this campaign for Dove. As a Creative Marketing Agency, we hold campaigns that empower people close to heart and that’s why our team went all in to work on delivering this well needed message to all women out there. Our work focused on ensuring that Dove’s message reaches as many people as possible through a variety of means, whether through online platforms such as social media campaigns, digital campaigns, and local media support, as well as through out of home advertising such as the billboards and bus shelters placed in strategic locations around Malta,” explained Jonathan Dalli, Founder & CEO of The Concept Stadium.

As part of the campaign, Dove released a behind the scenes video produced during the photoshoot, showing the women invited to take part, using the tagline ‘Calling all the Real Maltese Women’. The video portrays behind the scenes moments that truly embrace the positivity that the campaign aims to instil.

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