Monday 24 January 2022

be.HOTEL appoints Revenue Manager

be.HOTEL, the four star hotel located within BayStreet in St Julians, appointed Katya Grech (pictured) as Revenue Manager. The promotion follows specific training provided by Preferred Hotels & Resorts, of which be.HOTEL is a part, who identified Ms Grech’s abilities in the area of yield management. As a result, Ms Grech is now, in fact, a certified Revenue Manager.
Ms Grech said: “There are three essential elements to revenue management. The first is, having a fixed number of available products, in our case Rooms. Secondly, that the product is very perishable; a room unslept in on any night will be lost forever, and thirdly, that customers are willing to pay a different price for the same resource or product. It is a crucial and fascinating aspect of any hotel’s operations and I am looking forward to putting my newly acquired knowledge into action as be.Hotel continues to grow in the coming months”.

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