Tuesday 23 July 2024

Transport Malta replies to allegations

Transport Malta wishes to make use of the right of reply to a statement issued this morning by the for the Opposition Spokesperson for the Maritime Sector and Employment, the Hon. Ivan Castillo titled ” Mill-ħażin għall-agħar is-sitwazzjoni tal-infurzar marittimu fi Transport Malta”.
Transport Malta makes use of a number of Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats (or as they are known in the industry – RHIBs) to fulfill its duties and obligations related to maritime enforcement.
The authority reiterates that it has already given its version in a Press Release issued on 3rd June 2023 regarding this case. Furthermore, the Authority reiterates that:

  1. no payment was made by the Authority for these RHIBs, neither for the purchase nor for the repairs, contrary to what was alleged;
  2. the three RHIBs that are currently operating are licensed and registered according to national and international laws contrary to what is alleged;
  3. At present, the focus is on safeguarding all interests, leading to the initiation of essential legal actions. Consequently, the plan to acquire several RHIBs as initially intended will proceed accordingly.
  4. Transport Malta will persistently prioritize the safety of its personnel and workers as a paramount concern.
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