Sunday 01 October 2023

More enforcement on our roads

In a joint effort to enhance road safety and enforce traffic regulations, Transport Malta and the Malta Police Force conducted a comprehensive roadside inspection in Bugibba. A total of 279 vehicles were stopped during the operation, resulting in 94 contraventions being issued and 3 arrests made by the Malta Police Force.

The joint initiative brought together Transport Malta enforcement officers and the Malta Police Force, who worked collaboratively to enforce compliance and take appropriate actions against offenders.
Among the contraventions issued, the following were observed:
• 3 cases of vehicles without insurance
• 7 vehicles without fire extinguishers
• 23 cases of license not affixed or not renewed
• 10 vehicles with obscured or non-visible Vehicle Registration Numbers (VRN)
• 12 vehicles with tinted windows violating regulations
• 18 vehicles with faulty lights
• 3 individuals driving without a valid driver’s license
• 4 drivers not properly dressed according to safety standards
• 5 poorly maintained vehicles
• 4 vehicles lacking first aid and safety equipment
• 1 vehicle found to be overloaded
• 1 vehicle without a valid tag
• 1 owner permitting unauthorized usage
• 1 vehicle with an ineffective silencer
• 1 illegal U-turn
As a result of the roadside inspection, 5 vehicles and 1 truck were impounded due to severe violations. The Malta Police Force also made 3 arrests related to specific offenses discovered during the operation.

Transport Malta and the Malta Police Force will continue to conduct such inspections periodically to maintain road safety and reinforce the importance of adhering to traffic laws. Their collaborative efforts serve as a clear message to all motorists that non-compliance with regulations will not be tolerated.

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