Wednesday 28 February 2024

Steward Health Care Malta strongly objects to court judgement and questions rule of law

Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) strongly objects to today’s court judgement on the hospitals’ concession agreement and questions again the rule of law in Malta, an EU member state. SHCM is considering its position and reserves the right to safeguard its interests in the appropriate legal fora and higher courts in Malta and internationally.
SHCM will pursue action contesting all allegations of wrongdoing raised in the court judgement, allegations we consider outrageous and without merit. From a preliminary review of the judgement, we believe there to be significant flaws in reasoning and award. We believe that the judgement, which goes far beyond the court’s remit, presents major concerns for the rule of law in Malta and has serious implications for the future of foreign investment in the country.
While the legal, operational, and practical aspects of the consequences of the court’s judgement need to be assessed in detail and understood thoroughly, SHCM remains committed to operate at all times in accordance with its highest professional standards and values.
SHCM’s priority was and remains always the provision of optimal healthcare to the communities and patients we are entrusted to serve.

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