Wednesday 28 February 2024

Steward Health Care Malta response on ICC decision

On 29 March 2023, Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) filed for emergency arbitration with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) as a result of serious concerns surrounding the escalation of the termination dispute and its impact on the necessary handover process.
The transition is a complex process involving legacy contracts, IT infrastructure, and HR transfers among many other matters. Should an orderly transition not be conducted, the quality of care could be impacted. SHCM has as always acted in the interest of its patients and the community and has relied on its substantial experience in this matter. The Government’s lack of experience in this transfer process and its hesitancy to engage with SHCM, despite public statements of its intent to secure an ‘immediate handover’, is concerning and led to an unnecessary delay in the transition. To be clear, economics were not a topic of discussion.
The terms of this arbitration were considered confidential. The Government of Malta’s statement issued on 14 April 2023 continues to highlight the Government of Malta’s deliberate and calculated manipulation of the narrative and a disregard for upholding international standards.
SHCM notes the decision of the ICC in no way prejudges the merits of the claim. It also notes that, as the transition process moves forward, the Government will bear the medical legal responsibility in any decisions made unilaterally.
SHCM remains committed to a fair and orderly transition and as much as it is permitted will ensure that the wellbeing of our patients and our employees remain our priority.
SHCM encourages the public to visit the website link below which gives unprecedented public access to the facts and evidence relating to the hospital concession. This is part of SHCM’s commitment to transparency and our duty to the Maltese people.

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