Tuesday 23 July 2024

Steward Health Care Malta responds to inaccurate reporting in the Maltese Press

Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) is disappointed to witness the deliberate and misleading omission of facts in the Maltese press today. It was reported that the Government sent a termination letter to SHCM and then immediately stepped in to run the concession. Neither of these statements are true. This article forms part of a deliberate and calculated manipulation of the narrative in the media by the Government of Malta.
On 16 March 2023, SHCM submitted a Termination Notice to the Government of Malta due to non-rectifiable defaults on the Government’s part. This action was well documented in the press on 16 March.
The concerted government and government agencies action and the failure of the rule of law as exemplified by the court of first instance judgement justifies SHCM’s request of a preliminary ruling from the European Court of Justice and a complaint to the European Commission. Today’s reporting further proves why SHCM felt unable to continue to operate in Malta, where institutions are clearly aligned against foreign investors. SHCM remains committed to stating facts and to ensuring that all evidence is correct.
SHCM remains committed to a fair and orderly transition and will ensure that the wellbeing of our patients and our employees remain our priority.
Steward Health Care Malta encourages the public to visit the website link below which gives unprecedented public access to the facts and evidence relating to the hospital concession. This is part of SHCM’s commitment to transparency and our duty to the Maltese people.

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