Wednesday 28 February 2024

Melita provides connectivity to Rene Rossignaud in Ukraine

Melita Limited provided data connectivity to Maltese photo-journalist Rene Rossignaud during his recent trip to Ukraine to document the ongoing war there. Through Melita, Rossignaud was able to upload pictures from his camera to the internet whilst still in the field.
Describing his experience, Rossignaud said, “For photo-journalism it’s a real advantage to be able to upload pictures instantly, without the need for cables, WiFi or a laptop. Covering a war zone is obviously unpredictable but having a reliable mobile data connection can go a long way to reducing some of the uncertainty. The connection Melita gave me also meant that I was able to share my experiences with everyone back in Malta, hopefully adding to their understanding of what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine.”
Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services at Melita Limited, explained, “Rene reached out, asking if Melita could help with a photo-journalism project he was planning in Ukraine. Having covered many conflicts, Rene is aware of the risks involved in helping people understand what is happening. We were of course willing to support him with mobile data to share his insights; the daily videos he streamed from some of the worst-hit towns and villages in Ukraine have deepened our understanding of the grim reality of this invasion.”

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