Tuesday 07 February 2023

Increased presence of Transport Malta’s enforcement officers to ensure road safety

Over the past few days, Transport Malta officials have conducted a number of roadside inspections on major roads and in different locations around our country. These roadside inspections were carried out in collaboration with the Police Force.

Transport Malta has the legal obligation to enforce the transport legislations and other provisions which are mentioned in the highway code. In addition, Transport Malta conducts education and regulatory work of the road sector.

During these inspections, 207 cars were stopped and underwent a basic or full inspection. 179 fines were issued on the grounds that some aspects of the car did not comply with the law or that do not guarantee the health and safety of road users. 15 cars were also towed. 

The purpose of these inspections is not to punish road users that do not comply with the highway code, but to ensure that vehicles on the road are road-worthy and that they do not pose a risk to the health and safety of the to other road users. 

Some of the things that are checked during these inspections are car lights, such as front and rear headlamps, dark tinted windows, car licence that is either not present or paid, number plates which are not installed or are in a very bad condition, the condition of the tyres and silencer, insurance policies, as well as potential forged documents.

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