Tuesday 23 July 2024

Mental Health Matters: Atlas Insurance marks Mental Health Awareness Month

For the fifth consecutive year, Atlas Insurance is once again holding a series of informative and practical webinars to mark World Mental Health Awareness Month, as it takes part in the global effort to promote mental health awareness, combat the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and enable individuals to assume control over their mental well-being. The webinars that will be held throughout the month of October will be addressed to Atlas Insurance employees, clients and distributors.
Catherine Calleja, Executive Director and Company Secretary of Atlas Insurance, commented: “The mental well-being of Team Atlas is not only a priority within our organization, but also an integral aspect of our corporate culture. It is something that we value and prioritize every single day. As a society we have come a long way in recognising the importance of mental health. However, we acknowledge that there is much more to be done and that mental health awareness must be continuously sustained. Mental Health Awareness Month serves as an opportunity to concentrate and amplify our efforts in this area.”
The first of these webinars is aimed to help the Atlas leadership team to develop the knowledge and skills required to identify and address appropriately the situations of employees who find themselves in crisis or in a vulnerable state. This webinar will be delivered with the assistance of resources made available through ICAS International’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), of which Atlas Healthcare has been an introducer since 2019.
The series of webinars proceeds with an information session for Atlas Insurance employees about the impact of nutrition on mental health and overall well-being. The session, also put together by ICAS, includes practical tips on nourishing the body and mind, and will be delivered by experts in behavioural science who designed the webinar in conjunction with other nutritional experts.
The role of emotional intelligence in maintaining good mental health will be addressed in another webinar. The webinar will explore the concepts of emotional intelligence and self-awareness in order to develop an understanding of one’s own emotions and those of others, as well as effective emotional management skills.
The final webinar themed “Building Better Partner Relationships” is intended to help participants enhance their communication abilities by providing a deeper knowledge of relationship development. The webinar delves into the various stages and components that constitute a healthy romantic relationship, offering valuable insights and strategies for effective communication within these contexts.
ICAS is a global 24/7 international Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), provided by Atlas Healthcare, which provides unlimited direct access to psychologists for employees and their families, as well as local face to face counselling, legal and financial helplines and support for HR and line managers.

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