Wednesday 01 December 2021

Malta and South Africa BNI chapters to hold joint meeting this Wednesday 26 August

Despite Covid and restrictive measures, BNI® (Business Network International) is offering a great online opportunity to connect and explore business opportunities across countries. Notwithstanding the pandemic, as the world’s leading business referral organization, BNI is creating new opportunities worth millions of euros for its members each year to keep their businesses strong and growing.. 

“In the case of Malta BNI, we have embarked on a series of joint chapter meetings across nations. In recent weeks, we did a joint chapter meeting with Socrates chapter in Cyprus, another one with Rome International in Italy, and this Wednesday 26th August 2020, we will have one with The Buzz and Vesuvius chapters in South Africa,” said Malta BNI national director David Bullock.

Viviana Premazzi, the internationalisation ambassador for Malta BNI, added: “We are also in the process of twinning the BNI chapters in Malta with other BNI  chapters in other countries, where we identify beneficial prospects for links of exchange and co-operation across countries, as this can be another driving force for growth and development of our Maltese business organisations. 

“By bringing BNI members from different countries and cultures closer together, and by fostering commercial exchanges and co-operation across BNI’s international network – having over 9,600 chapters in more than 70 countries – we aim to develop hundreds of links between micro, small and medium-sized organisations in Malta with other businesses across the globe from the convenience of one’s home or office,” she added. 

Such opportunities promote mutual awareness and open business opportunities to Maltese companies, which while offering an excellent service or products, may not have the financial resources and other means to explore international openings and prospects.

“We believe that, together with the internal chapter business dynamics in Malta, joint chapter meetings and twinnings between Malta-based chapters and those in other countries, near or far, constitute an appropriate instrument with which some of the current day business issues created by this pandemic can be tackled in a practical manner, and overcome by Maltese companies. Through BNI, even small companies in Malta now have a ready-made channel that can offer them an international reach in a safe space, that is being among BNI members and following BNI code of ethics, without loss of precious effort, time and money,” explained David Bullock.

A selected number of non-BNI members can also join this meeting – free of charge. All they have to do is send an email to or  This Wednesday’s meeting via zoom starts at 7am sharp and lasts about 70 minutes, but one is recommended to allow more time afterwards to meet others in virtual meeting rooms.

“While there are businesses that have come to a complete stop, BNI members around the world are helping each other. Without a doubt, every business out there should visit a BNI Online™ chapter meeting to discover the opportunities that already exist,” says Graham Weihmiller, BNI Chairman and CEO. “When businesses join the BNI network, they’re instantly surrounded by a supportive and energetic group of like-minded businesses who are there to help every BNI business grow in any environment.”

BNI’s proven business networking platform provides its members with the ideal environment, technology, training, and support to help them build strong businesses. Malta BNI has been established in 2012 and today it has five active chapters.  To learn more about BNI, go to  

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