Thursday 06 August 2020

Koiné innovation platform launched at Malta Innovation Summit 2019

Pictured: Diana Spiteri, IURIS Business Solutions, and Ing. Joseph P. Sammut, Malta Life Sciences Park

Social Innovators are being invited to visit the newly launched Koiné Platform ( and join the ever-growing network of professionals, organisations and innovation hubs. Launched by the EU Interreg project ENISIE within the margins of the Malta Innovation Summit 2019, the innovation platform was created to serve as a bridge between all the realities in the Mediterranean area operating in the fields of Innovation and Social Innovation. 

Available in English and Italian, the ENISIE innovation platform will serve as a hub for the community of innovators where they can sell or buy products and services, expand their network, find new opportunities, exchange expertise and best practices with different types of stakeholders. Registration is free of charge and open to individual professionals, organisations, companies and innovation spaces who can avail themselves to a myriad of online resources including experimental innovations services, social innovation best practices and innovation tools.  

Ing. Joseph P. Sammut, Chairman and Founder of the Malta Life Sciences Park, said: “The innovation platform was designed to support and promote a stable system of networking, encourage the exchange of services and good practices and stimulate cross-border synergies in the EU-Mediterranean region. Besides providing a potential basis for business growth, a key component of this project is to accelerate social innovation in crucial areas such as food, digital health and sustainable tourism.”    

The Koiné platform is therefore one of the enablers for communities to stimulate, stir and disrupt businesses with opportunities for innovative services and products, eventually contributing to the shift from business with profit to business with purpose as described at the Malta Innovation Summit by Ms. Diana Spiteri – IURIS Business Solutions and Ing. Joseph P. Sammut – Malta Life Sciences Park.    

The project ENISIE ‘Enabling Network-based Innovation through Services and Institutional Engagement’ is supported by the European Union’s Program INTERREG V-A Italia Malta 2014-2020.

For further information and registration, please visit or contact one of the project partners. 

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