Saturday 04 February 2023

FLOW 22 to highlight opportunities of digital transformation

FLOW 22 will bring together leading Malta-based businesses to share their experiences of digital transformation and the impact this has had on their operations and profitability. Taking place on 16 June 2022, the event will showcase digital transformation case studies across multiple sectors and different aspects of business. Covering areas such as accounting and payments, human resources and payroll, retail, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and business intelligence, FLOW 22 is designed to provide clear information to any organisation planning to introduce digital or automated processes into its workflow.
Organised by 4Sight Group, a leading digital transformation consultancy business, in collaboration with The Malta Chamber of SMEs, FLOW 22 will offer attendees the opportunity to join different sessions throughout the day which are focussed on topics of specific interest to them. The event will also include opportunities for networking.
Describing the reasons behind the creation of FLOW 22, 4Sight CEO Maurizio Mamo, said, “Every business understands the benefits that digital transformation can bring. The ability to automate processes and to collect and use valuable data, improves efficiency and profitability by allowing employees to focus on higher value tasks. It is also true that undertaking a digital transformation can be a daunting task, which is not without risk. FLOW 22 will give business owners the opportunity to hear from their peers who have already undergone, or are undergoing a digital transformation, to learn how they approached this transformation and what outcomes were achieved.”
More information on FLOW 22, including details on the registration process, is available from

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