Monday 25 May 2020

San Gilian ASC condemns misinformation campaign

San Gilian ASC condemns in the strongest possible terms the misinformation campaign being conducted to sabotage an application for a temporary and removable jetty adjacent to the waterpolo pitch that will bring much-need funding towards the club.

Club President Peter Bonavia stated: “The statements reported by the media are riddled with untruths. Contrary to their claims, the jetty will not be for the exclusive use of a private company, and certainly no berthing will be permitted. It can only be used as a pick up and drop off point. Therefore, the bay will certainly not be turned into another Sliema Ferries, this is yet again another blatant lie by the local council, NGO’s and certain individuals who are simply fabricating claims without any basis in fact. 

“In addition, the commercial company that has been mentioned will be using brand new vessels compliant with the highest emission and environmental standards. If objectors are so concerned about pollution in the bay, why don’t they seek to address the real problem caused by dozens of other boats that give our children infections every summer?”

The club is one of the island’s major waterpolo clubs and yet remains one of the few without proper facilities. The revenue gained through the use of the jetty will contribute to funding a much-needed upgrade and make it possible to invest in its nursery and attract more children to the sport. 

“Furthermore, the jetty is a temporary solution which will be there, only for the duration of our project to redevelop our pool and deck area. It will then be removed since we will then be able to operate such activities from the club itself.

“Everything has been done by the book: filed an application as per policy, outlined what we are doing and explained the benefits this will bring to our club. While we do not expect any praise, it is totally unacceptable that people twist the facts in order to influence the Planning Authority hearing taking place on Monday,” Mr Bonavia said. 

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