Monday 13 July 2020

Fortina clarifies misconceptions over temporary jetty in St Julian’s

Fortina Investments refers to several reports in the media that have appeared in recent days concerning an application for a temporary pontoon at the San Gilian ASC.

Though Fortina Investments has been mentioned in these reports, media organisations have failed to contact the company for comment on the misinformation spread by NGOs and the St Julian’s local Council in its regard. Therefore, to clarify the misconceptions that have arisen, the Company wishes to make clear:

The floating landing place at San Gilian ASC is temporary and not exclusive for Fortina and bears no resemblance whatsoever to the permanent berths on the Sliema/Gzira strand. The landing berth is, in fact, similar to a bus stop at sea and loading and unloading will take place over a three-minute period. 

The temporary landing berth is not located in the vicinity of the Balluta sandy beach and it will have absolutely no impact on bathers. Furthermore, numerous pleasure craft already anchor in the area being proposed.

The vessels utilised by Fortina Investments will be brand new eco-friendly boats compliant with the highest emission and environmental standards and form part of a €20 million investment to offer innovative and alternative means of transport for tourists and locals alike by making use of our seaways and reducing traffic congestion on local roads. 

As San Gilian ASC has already stated, the jetty is a temporary solution which will be in place only for the duration of its project to redevelop its pool and deck area. It will then be removed since the club will then be able to operate such activities from the club itself.

It should also be pointed out that the company sought a meeting with the St Julian’s Council mayor to brief him on the facts but this did not materialise.

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