Thursday 01 June 2023

Piecemeal development leading to eyesores

The Malta Developers Association refers to the development in Marsalforn, Gozo, consisting of the addition of a floor on one privately owned unit that is part of a much larger development.

MDA acknowledges that an eyesore results when these types of permits unfortunately are approved, even though they are in line with current planning policies. This only results in ruining the entire perspective and design of the original development. In this context, MDA completely disagrees with the fact that the Planning Authority does not consider the visual effect on the streetscape when it processes such small, individual permit applications, which are continuously ruining our urban areas in Malta and Gozo.

MDA will therefore be lobbying with the authorities to make the necessary changes in such policies so as to ensure that such piecemeal development cannot be approved. The Association also needs to ensure that additions and/or changes to the façades of existing developments can be approved only when they apply to a more holistic approach to prevent further uglification of certain localities.

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