Tuesday 07 December 2021

HSBC Bank Malta supports better understanding of earth and its environment

HSBC Bank Malta is supporting an introductory starter pack accompanied by teacher training as part of the international science and education Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) programme. This programme provides students of all ages and the public in general with the opportunity to participate in data collection and scientific thinking. In the meantime, the GLOBE teacher training focuses on the contribution of this project to our understanding of the earth system and the global environment.

The GLOBE Starter Pack and Teacher Training was launched on the 18 February 2020 at San Ġorġ Preca College, Middle School, Blata l-Bajda in the presence of the teachers from different schools who were present for the event.

Andrew C Beane, CEO HSBC Bank Malta said: “HSBC believes in providing opportunity for further education around the Maltese Islands. To date a total of 31 primary and secondary schools are participating in the GLOBE Programme with a good number having already successfully integrated GLOBE with their science, geography, maths and English lessons, as well as the EkoSkola Program.” 

The event was also addressed by GLOBE Country Coordinator Prof. Paul Pace, and Ms Ramona Mercieca GLOBE Deputy Country Coordinator responsible for the teacher training programme. 

This programme falls under the responsibility of the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes, part of the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta and has already seen a number of schools participate in international events and receive awards for their work. 

An informative overview about the GLOBE Programme can be found on www.globe.gov/about/overview while more information regarding the GLOBE programme may be obtained by contacting Ms Ramona Mercieca on ramona.mercieca@ilearn.edu.mt

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