Sunday 05 July 2020

Fortina condemns smear campaign by St Julian’s Council mayor

Fortina Investments strongly condemns the misinformation and smear campaign being conducted by the St Julian’s Council mayor and reserves its rights at law to take action in relation to the defamatory comments made to the press yesterday.

A spokesman for the company said: “It is completely unacceptable that the mayor is basically accusing us of corrupt practice and that others are spreading untruths through the media and social media. No business should be subjected to such a baseless and malicious campaign when it has done everything by the book.

“It is being alleged that the pontoon will be used exclusively by Captain Morgan. This is a lie. It is being alleged that it will be located in an area used by bathers. This is a lie. It is being alleged that our vessels will dump effluent into the area. This is a lie. It is being alleged that our company will litter the St Julian’s Bay promenade with booths as has happened on the Sliema promenade. This is a lie – there are many other operators on the Sliema promenade selling trips. It is being alleged that Captain Morgan has made an application for a booth in St Julian’s. This is a lie. It is being alleged that we are negotiating an underhand deal behind people’s backs. This is the worst lie of all.

“Fortina has applied for a temporary landing pontoon attached to San Gilian ASC waterpolo complex. This will not be exclusively for our use and bears no resemblance whatsoever to the permanent berths on the Sliema/Gzira strand.

“This temporary landing pontoon is not located in the vicinity of the Balluta sandy beach and will have absolutely no impact on bathers – unlike numerous pleasure craft that already anchor in the area – while the vessels utilised by Fortina Investments will be brand new eco-friendly boats compliant with the highest emission and environmental standards. It is baffling that NGOs should be against environmentally-friendly boats.

“As San Gilian ASC has already stated, the jetty is a temporary solution which will be in place only for the duration of its project to redevelop its pool and deck area. It will then be removed since the club will then be able to operate such activities from the club itself.

“Our proposal forms part of an investment to offer innovative and alternative means of transport for tourists and locals alike by making use of our seaways. Rather than increase congestion in the area, as has also been alleged as part of the smear campaign, our services will actually take away traffic from local roads. 

“Comments and feedback are welcome, but what is being put forward by the mayor and representatives of NGOs supporting him are lies and untruths that are clearly intended to derail the legitimate process.”

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