Monday 10 August 2020


Saturday 7th March at 10:30am
Starting from St Thomas More College, Santa Venera

Following the death of Miriam Pace in a tragedy caused by yet another act of carelessness by the development lobby, Moviment Graffitti is calling for a non-partisan protest against the unsustainable situation in which our country finds itself. Residents and citizens are held hostage by a group of developers who consider themselves above the law and have total control over politics, its players, and the authorities that should be administering it.

The construction lobby is continuously interfering in reforms in this sector and insists that its profits, not decency, are the most important value. The lack of enforcement in the sector, inadequate laws, a complete laissez-faire in planning, the lack of safety in construction sites, and the arrogant bullying attitude of this lobby are the result of years and years of donations and pressure on the world of politics.

This latest fatality is the direct result of this situation. Together with this, the legal notice drafted by Robert Musumeci after a spate of similar incidents last summer is the product of incompetence and servility towards the construction lobby. As we have repeated many times, accidents like this were going to continue because this “reform” did not tackle, in any manner, the structural problems within the system.

Besides a justified expression of anger on part of the public, during this protest we will be asking for a serious and decent approach in the construction industry. We are presenting proposals for a reform that will relieve residents of their financial and logistical burdens, that will give workers their rights and safety, that will introduce the licensing of contractors and developers, as well as the introduction of a points and blacklisting system. These proposals can be viewed online on

This Saturday, the protest will start at 10.30am from St Thomas More College in Santa Venera, and will move towards the site of the tragedy where some speeches will be held.

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