Tuesday 23 July 2024

Voices against Violence – MGG delivers hands on workshop for teachers

The MGG’s‬‬ Stop the Violence team recently ended a 3-day teachers’ in-service course held on 7,8 and 11 July, delivering the Voices against Violence‬ training course which is an adaptation of the Stop the Violence badge curriculum adapted for teachers in primary or secondary schools. The course was held at the MGG’s North District training centre in Pembroke.

The participants coming from state schools, church schools and independent schools were involved in hands on workshops focusing on gender equality, creating safe spaces for students, identifying different forms of violence and supporting victims and relatives. Guest speaker Roberta Lepre from Victim Support Malta also contributed to this in-service course held in collaboration with the Education Department.

The teachers and MGG volunteers discussed ideas on how the teachers can implement the Voices against Violence curriculum alongside the formal school curriculum, such as during PSD lessons, case studies, comprehensions, class discussions, thinking skills and writing tasks. Both the teachers and training facilitators agreed that the Voices against Violence programme and similar tools, are an opportunity for students to voice their concerns on violence in a safe environment.

“This curriculum is an opportunity for all educators to start the conversation about violence from an early age and in the safe environment offered by the classroom” – Participant

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