Tuesday 29 September 2020

HSBC UK Contact Centre Malta strengthens Student Services Department alliance

HSBC UK Contact Centre Malta (HBEU) has further strengthened its alliance with the Student Services Department (SSD) of the Ministry for Education and Employment by opening its doors to career advisors and guidance teachers. These site visits by SSD staff will help the department to raise awareness among students about a rewarding career in the contact centre industry.
As part of the initiative, more than 140 careers advisors and personal and social career development (PSCD) teachers visited the Contact Centre, the largest in Malta. In addition to teachers, a number of Form 3 students visited in the run up to Easter, as part of their work orientation knowledge.
HBEU People Experience and Recruitment Manager Richard Powell said: “Career and guidance teachers obviously influence the career choices of students. By forging a long-term alliance with the Student Services Department, HSBC UK Contact Centre Malta is not only offering an immersive experience into the world of contact centres but also showcasing the stream of opportunities that exist.”
SSD’s Education Psycho-Social Services Manager Sandra Cortis said: “Apart from other career related activities, SSD offers a variety of career orientation visits to Year 9, 10, and 11 students. These visits have the aim to help students widen their awareness of what the industry has to offer. Very often students are only aware of a small number of careers within a particular industry. Such on-site visits help students to realise that they may need to master a number of soft skills. The initiative with HBEU was made possible due to the collaboration between the two entities whereby students were helped to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. This forms part of the Education Directorate’s vision for all students to succeed.”
Established in 2006, the Centre has grown through the years and now has more than 450 employees assisting UK customers. For more information on opportunities which exits to join the Contact Centre team visit www.hsbc.com.mt/careers. An age neutral CV can be forwarded to  [email protected]

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