Wednesday 28 February 2024

Malta Trust Foundation welcomes government laptop pilot project

The Malta Trust Foundation applauds the government’s pilot project aiming to provide free laptops and internet to low-income families.

The Foundation highlighted this issue last month when it published the findings of a commissioned MISCO survey which showed that 5,000 children in Malta still do not have access to a computer, laptop or tablet – seriously hindering their educational development.

The survey also showed that 11 per cent of the 350 families did not have enough equipment for all their children, with negative outcomes being more prevalent among those sending their children to Church and State schools.
As a result, the Foundation launched the Your Device Your Right initiative – in collaboration with the Malta Chamber and a number of businesses who are supporting through their corporate social responsibility – to distribute refurbished second-hand laptops to students struggling to keep up with their classmates.

The YDYR initiative also helps to address environmental concerns created by discarded technological equipment.

The Foundation noted that the digital divide is very real, and the pandemic pushed this stark reality to the fore.

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