Tuesday 31 March 2020

TransLog bringing industry together to harness Malta’s opportunities

Opportunities beckon every step of the way for Malta in becoming a regional hub for transport and logistics. All stakeholders need to continue coming together to integrate their efforts, as nearly all the elements such a geo-location, investment in equipment and technology, adherence to high standards of delivery are in place. Two areas that require immediate further investment are upgrading human resources and training more people specifically on logistics. These are some of the salient points resulting from the 1st Logistics Managers & Practitioners Forum.

During the Forum, various issues and challenges were raised by different stakeholders including the operators, CILT Malta (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport), government, and HSBC Malta. There was consensus that efforts must remain focussed on enhancing collaboration between all stakeholders.

Supported by HSBC Malta’s Commercial Banking business line, the Forum was held on the back of the 1st Transport Managers & Practitioners Forum, held in October 2014 on the sidelines of Malta’s first-ever transport and logistics awards, the Translog Awards. TransLog events are organised by Support and Supply Management Group (SSM) and marketing communications agency BPC International.

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