Saturday 22 June 2024

medirectalk focuses on the benefits of investing in high-quality and sustainable businesses

MeDirect Bank Malta’s sixteenth medirectalk, which was held recently in collaboration with Blue Whale Capital, focused on the top performing and sustainable equities which the Blue Whale Growth Fund invests in. The theme of the event was “A Blank Piece of Paper” and featured well-known Stephen Yiu as the keynote guest speaker.
Mr Yiu is the Chief Investment Officer at Blue Whale Capital and Lead Manager of the Blue Whale Growth Fund. The UCITS fund was launched in September 2020, following the original launch of the LF Blue Whale Growth Fund in 2017. The Blue Whale Growth Fund is a long-only global equity fund focusing on developed markets.
In his presentation, Mr. Yiu gave an update on the fund and the investment markets in general as well as delved into some specific economic sectors and the reasons behind investing in equities within these segments. He explained that the fund runs a high conviction and concentrated portfolio of around 25 to 35 high quality businesses. He highlighted the fact that the top ten holdings in the fund account for 50 per cent of the fund.
Mr Yiu said that the Blue Whale Growth Fund invests in high-quality businesses with an attractive valuation. The investment managers know and research these companies well, given the focus is on quality rather than quantity. He emphasised that the research is carried out in-house, through primary sources, and following the research phase, a financial model is built in terms of the companies’ expected future performance.
During this highly interactive and interesting talk, Mr Yiu focused on the performance of several well-known equities and explained the characteristics of high-quality businesses the fund invests in. He also spoke about competitive positioning, risk of disruption, growth, macro-sensitivity, as well as the company’s balance sheet management team.
Following the talk, a question-and-answer session took place during which Mr Yiu replied to questions from those who were following the event. At the end of the evening, drinks were served, and Mr Yiu, together with MeDirect advisors were available to answer questions by those in attendance.
This medirectalk saw the return of the in-person seminars and the event was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in St Julian’s, whilst also being livestreamed on MeDirect Malta’s social media platforms, LinkedIn and Facebook. This medirectalk, as well as previous ones, can be viewed on
medirectalk is a series of seminars organised by MeDirect Bank featuring several financial experts and asset managers sharing their views on market and investment opportunities.