Monday 14 June 2021

MDA on electricity tariffs

The Malta Developers Association notes that, as a result of the lowering of electricity bills as promised by the Government, the certainty on these tariffs contributed to a more stable economy in the country, so much so that the economy continued to grow.

While it appears that, because of the lowering of the international oil price, there is room for further lowering of these tariffs, the MDA understands that Enemalta has to make good for past debts. More importantly, one has to be careful that the further lowering of these tariffs does not encourage waste of electricity to the detriment of the environment.

In these circumstances, the MDA suggests that part of the profits that Enemalta is making due to the lower oil prices should go to greater spending on clean energy through more incentives to those who buy solar panels and insulate their roofs, and through the introduction of new incentives, like to those who build in a more energy efficient way as in the use of double glazing and thermal breaks in their apertures and any products that lessen emissions.

Meanwhile the MDA continues to encourage developers and property owners to play their part so that buildings in Malta are more energy efficient.

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